Artquest provides resources, projects, money, advice and networks for contemporary artists engaged with their careers. Built on research, the programme includes residencies, peer networking, online resources, publications and conferences. With over 30 partners, Artquest connects organisations and reduces duplication. With a focus on London, many of our services are also available around England. Artquest publishes the Almanack annually around a designated theme of relevance to artists and the arts.

About the Almanack

Cover of the journal "The Artist", 1899

The Artquest Almanack is an online publication that brings together articles, interviews, research and projects commissioned by Artquest around a unifying, annual theme. It contextualises the art world with activity outside of the arts, helping us better understand where we fit as part of wider debates, while creating new opportunities for artists. We bring together our own research with that of...

Space: a reader

Image by Innviertlerin from Pixabay

Image by Innviertlerin from Pixabay During research on our Space theme and other projects in 2017, we used research and insight from our own data collection and projects, and published research reports. Recent Artquest projects around the space needs of artists include Spaced Out (2018, in partnership with DACS) and System Failure (2015), particularly The City Problem, a revised transcript of...

An annual online journal by Artquest that draws together the art world with wider social, economic and cultural issues.

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Projects, resources and advice for contemporary visual artists, alongside research into their working practices, motivations and careers.