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Russell is a graduate of The Glasgow School of Art who has lived in London since 1998. Initially working in gallery education, his self-initiated projects include workshops, residencies, peer mentoring, artist-led galleries, radio programmes, and a series of interdisciplinary arts social events. Russell is director of Artquest, a member of the board at Block 336 and City and Guilds of London Art School, and an advisor for PRAKSIS, an artist residency in Oslo.

The citizen artist

Sunday Lunch at BalinHouseProjects

This transcript is from a conversation between Russell Martin (artist and director of Artquest), Eduardo Padilha and Adelaide Bannerman. Eduardo Padilha (EP) is an artist who runs BalinHouseProjects, a not-for-profit space, at his flat in Balin House, Tabard Gardens North Estate in Borough, London. It provides space for exhibitions, dialogue and platform for connection with other artist-run...

Culture / infrastructure

All a country has is its culture; the rest is infrastructure - quote from Sir Peter Blake

  Artists have been adept at negotiating with landlords, councils and businesses to access the space that they need to make and show work.  In order to do so, they need a good overview of the policies that will impact on the ability and motivation to lend them spaces.  Should you talk more about cost-savings for the landlord, social justice, community access or artistic merit?  Operating in...

The city problem

Block 336, gallery image

A conversation between Duncan Smith, Kirsten Dunne and Russell Martin during System Failure: The City Problem, an Artquest project looking at the relationship and impact between artists, arts policy and urban regeneration. Held at Block 336, Wednesday 11 November 2015. Duncan Smith is an artist and the founder and former director of ACAVA Studios. Duncan founded ACAVA Studios in 1983 to provide...

Spaced Out

Spaced Out conference audience member

Spaced Out was a one-day conference convened by Artquest and DACS that explored the physical, political and digital spaces that visual artists use. Speakers reflected on traditional arts spaces, the impact of rising accommodation costs on creative workers, the post-colonial context of business spaces in London and how virtual spaces are used to exhibit, make and sell work. The conference explored...

UBI and UBS and U

Anu Suhonen, Process Accelerator 2.0, shown at Block 336

A conversation held at Block 336 on Wednesday 13 February 2019 during the Block 336 / Finnish Institute in London ART/WORK residency. Anu Suhonen (AS) is a Helsinki-based visual artist who works mainly with video, photography and installations, awarded the 2019 ART/WORK residency. Her project, Process Accelerator 2.0, presented a factory that chased maximum productivity, satirically reflecting on...

Barter and time banking

Down with Banks by Curly via Flickr

In 2013 Artquest ran a focus group with 6 artists to explore the creation of a programme to enable artists to barter their skills and services to each other, allowing them to get specialist help without the need for payments. We often undertake small pieces of primary research to test ideas for new projects, many of which don’t get off the ground. Although ultimately abandoned at the time...

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